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Arielle Raycene

Financial Advisor – NYC


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Arielle Raycene is a financial advisor based in New York City. For over three decades she has helped clients plan for their financial future through customized strategies and plans. Arielle prides herself on providing exceptional customer service to every client. Today Arielle works as the CEO and Founder of the Raycene Group where she manages over 100 million dollars of clients’ funds. As a result of her years of experience and her dedicated customer service, Arielle is skilled at protecting every client investment and ensuring that each client sees the best returns possible.

In 1982 Arielle Raycene graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics. After graduating from college, she traveled to Europe for six months. During the first half of the trip, she backpacked with friends and visited many of the continent’s most famous destinations. Before returning home, she worked as an English teacher for three months in Barcelona, Spain. Overall, the experience helped Arielle realize how much the world has to offer. She gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of international culture. Plus, the experience helped her perfect her Spanish. As often as she can, Arielle sets aside time for travel—both domestically and abroad. In the future, she hopes to travel to China, Australia, and Russia.

Throughout her career, Arielle Raycene has stressed the importance of planning for retirement. Unfortunately, many Americans do not adequately prepare for retirement. Each year the problem seems to get worse. In many ways, Arielle views herself as a retirement crusader. With every client that she works with, Arielle makes sure that he or she understands the importance of saving for retirement.


Retirement planning


Developing small businesses

In addition to working with individuals, Arielle Raycene has worked with a number of businesses over the years. Many small businesses need the help of a financial advisor—especially when they first open their doors. Arielle loves working with a business to figure out how it can save more money and plan for future development. Sometimes small business owners neglect their personal finances while they focus on starting a business. If a business owner’s finances are not in good shape, it could end up hurting the entire business. Arielle makes sure never to neglect this aspect of working with a business’ finances.

After working as a financial advisor for various large organizations for nearly two decades, Arielle Raycene decided to open the Raycene Group in 2000. She wanted the freedom to work with clients on her terms and develop individualized strategies. Additionally, she wanted more control over her future and her work-life balance. In 2005 Arielle returned to school to get her Executive MBA from Columbia Business School. The experience challenged her, put her in contact with a wonderful community, and sharpened her business skills. Her experience in the MBA program makes her a better financial advisor, and it has especially helped her work with both small and large businesses.

Outside of work Arielle Raycene enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, following sports, and playing Sudoku. She also volunteers at a local animal shelter at least every other month. She and her husband, Jake, have two rescue dogs—Frank and Sally—and a cat named Felix.