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Reaching retirement age is an achievement that is often celebrated with a move to a new location. Pennsylvania has some great offerings for those looking to move once they retire. Each city is appealing for their own reasons, with plenty of options to suit the needs of retirees.

Low Cost of Living

Many seniors live on a fixed income, so having access to high quality housing that fits within their budget is very important. Oil City is the least expensive Pennsylvania city to live in, with the average home valued at $38 per square foot. The cost of living is also 22 percent below the national average.

Johnstown is another very affordable option, with the cost of living being the same as Oil City. The average home price is slightly higher, however, at around $41 per square foot. New Castle’s cost of living is a bit higher than those previously mentioned, but still 19.2 percent below America’s average. A typical home runs around $42 per square foot.

Easy Access to Healthcare

As retirees age, access to quality healthcare becomes even more important. Generally speaking, larger cities offer more physicians and dentists than smaller towns. Pittsburgh is a bustling metro area that offers more doctors and hospitals than any other Pennsylvania city.

Lebanon, being the second-largest city in the state, also offers plenty of healthcare options. Chambersburg is another great option, not only for its easy access to physicians, but also because of its many recreational facilities that aim to help seniors live a healthy lifestyle.

A Safe Place to Live

Since many seniors move away from their loved ones when they retire, they often lose their support system and tend to rely more on their community members to keep them safe. Pennsylvania cities with the lowest crime rates include Pottsville, Bloomsburg, and Waynesboro. Each of these cities have crime rates well-below the national average.

Keeping Busy

Retirees often look for ways to fill their days now that they are no longer working. Gettysburg, known for its rich history, offers plenty in the way of entertainment. Coupled with the small-town feel, this city is perfect for those seniors looking to be part of a community that cares greatly about each of its residents.