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With all that New Jersey has to see and do, it’s no wonder that residents choose to retire in this state. Many of the cities offer a local small town feel with lakes, fishing, beaches, and an abundance of history. Most importantly it provides all of this for retirees on a budget! These following cities topped the charts for senior citizens to retire within the state of New Jersey.

If retiring somewhere that is not only affordable, but also provides local healthcare is of great importance then Camden County is a wonderful option. The county offers an extremely low cost of living while providing many options for housing that average around $145,000. Even with such an affordable housing cost many residents are able to purchase a rather new house within that price range.

Many retirees want to retire in a community that has a wide array of different recreational activities to offer. Sitting along the Manumuskin and Cohansey River, Cumberland County offers just that! With the lakes and rivers all centralized in this location fishing, boating, and other various water activities are most definitely an option. The cost of living within this community fall below the national average, and allow residents to purchase a house at an affordable price.

Atlantic county which stretches 671 square miles offers plenty of nature to enjoy different outdoor activities during the warm Summer months. If relaxing by the water all while enjoying some fishing and swimming is of great importance, then look no further! Residents have comfortable amenities and never have to leave the county as local health providers are convenient. The average price of a home in the county is a little over $176,000, while still offering a reasonable cost of living.

Even among all the different options for places to retire in New Jersey, they all seem to offer affordability, low cost of living, and plenty of different activities for retirees. With so many benefits to staying in the great state of New Jersey, it’s not difficult to understand why people choose to retire in one of these many counties. The cost alone is enough to warrant it being a valuable option. However, with retiring in one of these local communities residents get much more than a low cost of living!