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If you’re into the outdoors as much as I am and are considering retirement soon, you should think about moving to Massachusetts. If you enjoy fishing, swimming, or boating, this state has it all with over a quarter of the 10,000+ square miles being water. Moving can be quite frightening, but with all that Massachusetts has to offer, it may be worth it for your retirement years. Here are the five best cities for retirement.

If your retirement is going to require lots of medical attention, you’ll want to move to Suffolk. The number of doctors per 100k people is 1,007, and there are over 20 hospitals in the area. It’s not far from Boston, so you’ll be able to enjoy places such as the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and the Boston National Historical Park

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, if you’re looking to spend your retirement outdoors, consider Barnstable for your new home. This county in the southern part of the state is 70% water. Here you’ll find the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge and Cape Cod National Seashore. It’s not cheap to live here, as the cost of living index is over 140, but with the beauty, it has to offer, it could be worth that pretty penny of yours.

Home to only 71,000 people, one of the smallest populations in Massachusetts, is Franklin. This town is perfect if you want your retirement to be quiet. It’s also very affordable as the average price for a home is $180,000, and the cost of living index is just above 111.

Hampden is also a lovely place to retire. Just like Franklin, it sits outside of a large city providing you with lots of space but only a quick drive if you wish to head into town. Hampden is also very affordable with homes averaging as $173,800 and a 110 cost of living index.

While all of these towns are great, I believe Berkshire is the best place to retire in Massachusetts. Homes average a cost of less than $190,000, the cost of living index is less than 110, and the amount of doctors per 100,000 people is 357.