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Retirement is something that most people look forward to for much of their lives. Many people who retire wish to remain in their community. If you are thinking of retiring and you live in Connecticut or you have close family ties to the area, you might be wondering where to retire. Managing costs and remaining close to area attractions are important for many retirees. Fortunately, many cities in Connecticut offer lots of amenities such as access to the shore and a lively downtown area. Many cities also have low property taxes, a lot of access to shopping and many activities geared towards seniors.


Those with strong ties to New York City may wish to consider this commuter city. Stamford is alive with businesses but it’s also a quick jaunt into the heart of Manhattan. Stamford is also close to many regional beaches. With a population of over a hundred thousand, any retiree will always find something to do all year long. The downtown area has lots of stores and as well as many museums and theaters. An apartment in town can be just the thing for the retiree who likes a busy city center.

New Haven

Further up the coast lies the city of New Haven. A historic place, the city of New Haven is home to Yale University and several other colleges. Residents can find plenty of activities sponsored by area colleges and universities including lots of free classes on many different subjects. The area is also an easy trip to both New York City and Boston. A quick weekend getaway to either city is easy makes it easy to enjoy both a mid sized city and access to some of the largest cities on the eastern seaboard at the same time.


Located in the heart of the Connecticut interior, Torrington is ideal for the retiree who loves easy access to both the coast and the beautiful interior. Torrington has many walkable streets, making it easy to stay in shape. The city’s classic downtown area has plenty of places to grab a quiet cup of coffee during the day and a full meal at night. Housing costs here are lower than the average in much of the rest of the state. This makes it an ideal place for seniors who are on a budget and wish to manage their money very carefully.